Origins of All is a brand that draws its inspiration from the wonderful and diverse people around the world, and their cultures and traditions. We are tremendously grateful to Allah for providing us with the opportunities to discover His beautiful world! We are humbled at what a treasure the Creator has made available to us to explore and benefit from!

That is why at Origins of All our dedicated team ensures that every product is 100% natural and personally tried before we give it to you. Our ambition is for you to have peace of mind – knowing that our amazing line of all-natural products is quite different from the commercially presented health and beauty care choices. Our brand has been inspired by natural herbs. With these herbs, we make 100% natural body products.

In short, Origins of All is nature’s message of pure love to you. Our globally procured self-care beauty line promises no harmful chemicals or preservatives at all. If you are a lover of nature, its bountiful produce and health secrets, you will find Origins of All to be the best fit for you.

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
Quran 55:13