• Please arrive at least 5 – 10 minutes BEFORE your session is due to commence. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter.
  • Please remove the shoes outside the studio. Do not put shoes on your yoga mat. Yoga is practiced in bare feet.
  • Respect the teacher’s sequence. Don’t do your own routine. Your instructor will provide you with appropriate modifications when required. Do not argue with the teacher.
  • Turn off your cell phone completely for complete focus and peace in the class.
  • If a class is being undertaken whilst you arrive please respect other clients and wait patiently and quietly in the reception area.
  • When you have finished your workout please use the steriliser that we provide, to wipe down the mat and / or equipment you have been using before leaving the studio.
  • Do not skip Savasana the final relaxation pose, called Corpse Pose as it is vital to your practice. If you absolutely must leave early, let your teacher know prior to class and leave quietly before Savasana starts. Be sure to allow sufficient time to collect your mat and belongings.
A Few Tips!
  • Do not eat a heavy meal before your class.
  • Bring a small water bottle, towel and mat for your comfort. Personal blocks and straps are welcomed but WHC accepts no responsibility for lost items.
  • Yoga socks can be worn.
Dress Code

Modesty is traditionally a part of the yoga practice. Ensure appropriate clothing that is comfortable, stretchy, breathable fabrics and isn’t prone to a wardrobe malfunction or to bunching up and getting in your way. Clothing that allows you to move with ease, safety and dignity. Ask the studio’s dress code to determine whether they’re comfortable with it.

Dress in a way that won’t distract anyone or make them uncomfortable.