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It seems that there is a silver lining amid the global chaos. The current pandemic has opened the window for self-reflection as the quiet which now rules the once busy overwhelming cities of the world perhaps screams the loudest to say how moderation and a considerate attitude can bring about tremendous changes. COVID-19 woke me up to a holistic approach towards living, to boost up my immune system and do away with anything that can compromise my health.


The sudden brake put to intense human activity has given nature a breather. Someone once claimed that the only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from it. I saw articles pointing out to nature restoring itself. The clearer sky, the ozone healing up, and scapes once obscured by the thick layers of smoke and toxic fumes, now visible over the horizon. But pointing out the obvious isn’t enough. No change is good enough if it cannot be sustained.


No change is good enough if it cannot be sustained.


Therefore, to cherish these rare moments now and go back to the old practices once things are so-called normal would be an opportunity lost.


Turning to the usual experts and gurus isn’t helping either. Anyone posting the ‘perfect’ selfie would be considered vain and insensitive, or perhaps out of touch with reality. The illusion is broke – our perfect lives aren’t so perfect after all.


Now I know what I would like in a post-COVID-19 world. It would be unrealistic of me to imagine that when the pandemic is over, the factories will not spew hazardous smoke into the air polluting the skies, once again. Certainly, that is not possible in the near future at least and until we keep becoming the fodder for consumerism. However, I think it is undeniable that toxic human activity that pollutes the earth – the landfills with tons of last season’s discarded fast fashion products is an example – also pollutes our minds and bodies. Television, social media, and mass consumerism have also contributed to setting up an unachievable expectation of beauty and what is needed to be accepted. These photoshopped standards of perfection have led to depression and anxiety for those who cannot compare their reality to these ‘perfectly’ filtered online personas.


There is no better time to realize that we – humans – need to reduce our carbon footprint. There are myriad of ways that we can lead a less polluted existence. One of them is to be environmentally responsible; another is to meticulously reduce the number of chemicals that we introduce to our body in the form of processed food. Still, another is to limit our exposure to unlimited choices of name brands with heavily chemically-laden harmful cosmetics selling you expensive promises to create a beautiful you in the next fourteen days.


That’s why I believe food and cosmetics are two critical components that directly tip the balance. While we cannot always control the former, we can take charge of the latter. What you put in your body and what you apply to your skin will have a significant impact on your well-being. Therefore, our conscious choice matters.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made me appreciate being closer to nature and organic resources more than ever. We live in a fortunate time to be able to witness what a pollution-free world looks, feels and smells like; now the task is to help sustain it.


We will have to start small; we have to start at an individual level. The choices we make alter our reality. That is why creating distance from the ‘current’ and ‘trendy’ will be psychologically and spiritually healthy.


That is why creating distance from the ‘current’ and ‘trendy’ will be psychologically and spiritually healthy.


Being an advocate of ‘slow movement’ and holistic lifestyle means let the ‘natural’ take its course instead of propelling it through artificial means. It is important to understand that less and simple is ageless.


It is important to understand that less and simple is ageless.


Going all-natural is the safest way to nourish your body and soul. It is a lifestyle that will take out a ton of unsafe chemicals used in food and instant self-care products that drastically degrade your body, and distort your sense of beauty and self-image. Let’s remember, there are no short cuts to your health.


If there is one thing I urge you to take away from COVID-19 catastrophe it would be: stop polluting your body. Carve out an all-encompassing, holistic lifestyle that accommodates time for healthy physical routines with a wholesome diet which supports it. And finally, switch to organic chemical-free personal care products.


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